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The foundation projects

The foundation is involved in many projects such as publishing books, organizing symposia , as well as restoration and preservation of Coptic manuscripts.

Current Projects
1-Supporting the establishement of the Coptic Culture Center at Amba Rewis.
2-Organizing the symposium of Nagada and Kous (February, 2008)
3-International society of Coptic studies (to be organized by the foundation in 2008).

Past Projects

1- His Holiness Pope Shenouda III asked St Mark Foundation to take the responsibility for restoration, indexing and documentation of 300 plus manuscripts that used to be in the churches of Abu-Seffin and Kasr-El-Rihan. The restoration and documentation is almost completed. The manuscripts are currently preserved in a special room at St Pshoy monastery and they will be moved to St Mark public library in the Coptic Culture Center upon its completion.

2- In 2001, St Mark Foundation and its member professor Elizabeth Pullman nominated to the World Monuments Watch organization both the White and Red monasteries to be recognized among the 100 most dangered sites in the world . The nomination was approved in 2001. This nomination has significant impact on receiving funds for the processes of excavations and restorations of both monasteries .

3- Support an application for grants to excavate and restore for both the Red and White monasteries.

4- St Mark Foundation is an active member in the consortium that was established in 2003. This consortium active in submitting grants to restore the Red and White monasteries. Several grants have already been received, which initiated and continue to fund the discovery process at both monasteries.

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